El Camino de Santiago – a modern day pilgrimage

el-camino-de-3This book provides impressions from the Camino de Santiago, an ancient path, which attracts hundreds of thousands pilgrims every year. Hiking over 500 miles from the Pyrenées to Santiago de Compostela is not only a physically demanding, but more so a spiritually rewarding experience.

The author captures the spirit of the Camino in 99 images, from beautiful landscapes to intense portraits of locals and pilgrims alike. Relive with this book your experience on the Camino, or get a taste for it from the comfort of your couch.

“El Camino de Santiago – a modern day pilgimage” is available as a softcover or hardcover with premium luster paper.

Also available as ebook.

intense – action sports portraiture

intense“intense” is dedicated to all the formidable athletes that find joy and satisfaction in challenging themselves and others. My hat goes off to all the amateurs that compete for the fun in their chosen sport. It takes motivation and endurance to finish a competition. Record times and rankings are only one side of a competition. All to often we only pay attention to the winners. They deserve our recognition, but so does the rest of the field.

Sports events are a wonderful opportunity for raw human portraiture, as the athletes are so immersed in their sports that they forget the presence of the camera. In those moments, the human face is a mirror of the inner state of the individual.

Triathletes are particularly interesting subjects, as the athletes compete in three different discipline: swimming, cycling, and running. Each event offers unique views. Watching the athletes from close proximity allows the spectator to observe individual athletes, as they cope with the challenges of the race.

Brief moments of intense focus, competition, joy, and pain are presented in this volume to show with great respect the individuality of every athlete depicted.”

“intense” is available for the iPad in iTunes.

Photo Academy


Photo Academy is a comprehensive guide to helping you take better photos. Browse through thousands of tips and sample images, record your progress in your diary, and expand your photographic repertoire.

Check out the video trailer. The app is available for iPhone and iPad.