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Developing a photographic eye

Oct 27 2010

Photography means different things to different people. For most of us it is a way to retain memorable moments to be shared with family and friends. Professional photographers shoot sensational moments for others to view. Artists use photography as a medium of self-expression. There are other areas, such as science, or medicine where photography is used for quantitative or educational purposes. All these diverse applications have one thing in common: it takes mastery of the technical aspects surrounding photography to obtain satisfactory images. The most common approach mastering your camera begins with reading the manual and it never ends.

Lord of the RingsTo improve the aesthetic quality of your images takes a different approach. Many books and courses suggests to go out and shoot a lot of images. Over time you may or may not develop your own style. If you are seriously interested in improving the quality of your images consider the following approach. Go to a well-stocked library, select a few good over-sized coffee-table books. Choose different topics and styles. Identify a handful images that inspire and touch you. Can you imagine how these images were created? Can you describe the qualities of these images in words?

Why do I suggest books? Photographic books are expensive. Editors are selective and critical. Therefore higher quality images are usually found in print.