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A distant close-up!

Jan 16 2010

fall 9: the last leaf of 2009

fall 9: the last leaf of 2009

Why is macro photography so exciting? I believe, because it makes us stop and marvel details, that we don’t see from the distance. It also does not take necessarily expensive equipment to produce a decent shot, although a good macro lens does help getting close to the action.

As a result of getting close to an object we have to deal with the beloved depth of field. The closer we get, the less depth of field we have to work with. Sometimes this is good, because it helps to abstract and focus the attention to a particular part of the image. This is what this example shot demonstrates. In this case I did not use a macro lens, but the longest lens in the bag: 600mm on a DX sensor! Why in the world would you do that? Well, first because you can, and second because it helps eliminating background “noise”.

Macro photography is an excellent exercise to play with the background. Next time you are out there, pay attention to what’s around your main subject and choose the right angle, aperture and lens to show the subject in the most favorable way, meaning without clutter in the background.

PS: Technically, “fall 9” is not a macro, as the leaf was not captured 1:1 on the sensor, so it is a close-up at best, hence the title.