Photoshop: Channels

Dec 14 2009

You can do that with an iPhone?

do you dream in black or white?
On a recent drive back from the Bay Area, I picked highway 25 to escape the 101 boredom. Great scenic drive from Hollister to Bradley through some of California’s remote country side. Scenic, did I say that?

Didn’t have my camera with me, just the iPhone. It was chilly, about 30F, when I hit San Miguel, a historic mission, that has been nicely restored. It was a Monday, no traffic, no visitors, so I had the mission all to myself. I parked the car, got out, walked around the mission once, took 51 pictures, and when I came back I noticed the fallen leaves, wet asphalt, and that red Porsche in the parking lot. Think “Car Commercial”!

Up the historic wall, to get a higher view, and click, click, click…
some quick color adjustments in Lightroom (more about that later, digital workflow is the buzz word) and you end up with something like this:

iPhone-39Not bad. Slowly we are getting there, to the main topic: Channels. I tried a couple of things to improve the picture, maybe a motion blur or a radial filter in Photoshop. Most of these manipulations require to separate the car from the background, which is straightforward in this case. Looking at the color channels the red channel is really contrast rich and looks great as a grayscale image.

This is what I got so far: to be continued…

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