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Andrzej Dragan

Mar 22 2012

This is an experiment. In this article I introduce a contemporary photographer to you without showing you a single image, not even a thousand words! Will this inspire you to search for more information on this provocative artist? Only you can answer that question.

Let’s start with his biography.

The name of the artist is Andrzej Dragan. He was born in 1978 and studied Physics in Warsaw. His Master’s thesis received top honors from the national science foundation. In 2005 he received his PhD in Quantum Physics, although this time not with the highest laurels. He received a number of fellowships and worked mainly in England and Poland at prestigious academic institutions.

In 2003 he became involved in photography. Very quickly his portraits were noticed and found on magazine covers. Advertisement agencies hired him for their campaigns, although his style did not fit the glamorous mold.

His style has been described as disturbing, grungy, dark. He has taken portraits of people off the street, as well as celebrities, most notably David Lynch. The picture that sticks the most to my mind is a bulimic young women. No wait. There are also these frightening images of Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot look alikes.

You decide, which one you like best or find the most disturbing. You will react, that I promise.

Andrzej’s style is certainly unique, although there are some interesting Photoshop tutorials on the web that help the rest of us to create a similar output. I am sure it all starts with a suitable model and good lighting technique, but these Photoshop tutorials can add the final touch. Simply google for the “Dragan Effect”. Andrej’s photography is more than en effect, but what you will learn in these tutorials may have an effect on your digital darkroom skills.